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  • May 12, 2022
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What CBD Strength Is Best?

Go Slow and Start low is one piece of advice you will hear a lot when you start taking CBD. The reason is that each person’s metabolism deals with CBD differently. Some may metabolize CBD slower and only need a low dose, while others may require a higher dose due to faster metabolism for desired effects.

However, you will have to determine the ideal strength of CBD product for you with time. Wondering what CBD strengths are available out there and which one is best? Then, you are in the right place.

Levels of CBD Strengths

Here are the three levels of strengths that you will find in a wide range of CBD products.

·         High Strength CBD

If you are new to CBD, you will probably want to start with products containing less than 10mg CBD per dose. From CBD oils to capsules, you can find products offering as low as 2.75mg CBD per dose. If this strength does not improve your conditions or meet your needs, you may want to switch to a higher CBD strength.

·         Super Strength CBD

Super strength CBD products contain more than 10% CBD per dose. However, you must speak to your doctor about the amount of CBD capsules, CBD oils, and CBD gummies you can take in a day. Have you been using CBD for a while and want to increase your CBD strength? Then make sure that you do not exceed the recommended dosage per day as mentioned by the manufacturer of the CBD product on the package.

·         Ultra Strength CBD

CBD concentration of more than 15% of CBD per dosage falls under the category of ultra-strength CBD. These products are almost twice as potent as your super-strength CBD products. Therefore, you can even find ultra-strength CBD products offering over 30% CBD per dose.

However, you must tread carefully if you are a first-time CBD user. This strength can act faster, and the effects may be too overwhelming for you, especially if your product also contains THC and other cannabinoids. THC is a psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant that can get you high.

On the other hand, CBD on its own has no such effects, and no amount of CBD can hamper your cognitive abilities. However, CBD products may have traces of THC as both CBD and THC are extracted from a hemp plant.

The Maximum Dose of CBD You Can Take

There is no set standard dose of CBD. It depends on your reason for taking it and how much your doctor recommends. However, if you are taking CBD for skincare and general benefits, then never exceed the dose recommended on the product’s packaging.

Things to Consider

While CBD is a safe product to use, here are some tips to consider when using CBD for health and self-care purposes.

  • Always read manufacturer’s guidelines on frequency and dose
  • If you have a medical condition or are taking prescribed drugs, you must always speak to your doctor prior to using CBD, irrespective of what strength you intend to use. You have to make sure that CBD does not interact with your current medication.
  • Are you applying for a job with drug testing requirements, or your current job requires you to undergo frequent drug testing? In that case, you must know that CBD products may contain traces of THC. Except for CBD, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has a ban on all cannabinoids, including THC.

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