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Are you interested in learning more about giving CBD treats to your dog? Doing so can provide your furry friend with many great benefits.
CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety, put a little extra shine in their coats, and reduce the pain they might be experiencing. The only problem is that giving it to them can be tricky. Depending on the dog, they may not take it willingly.
The task then becomes figuring out different safe ways to give CBD treats to your puppy. Here are several tips you should consider when deciding whether or not to go that route with your dog.

1. Use Their Favorite Foods As Help

In general, dogs might be a little hesitant to digest a substance that they’re unfamiliar with. There aren’t as many ways to consume CBD for dogs as there are for humans.
Because of that, you might find yourself getting a bit creative with how you “sell” the CBD product to your pup. One of the most helpful is by using one of the oldest tricks in the book: wrapping it in their favorite foods.
The biggest thing is to treat it as you would for giving them any other treat. If you act differently when offering it to them, they’ll catch on and be hesitant to take it.
For example, if you always tell them to “sit” and “shake” to offer their hands with normal treats, you should do the same with a treat that has CBD in it. Consider what their favorite foods are and stock up on them to use throughout each week.
If wrapping the CBD product in their favorite foods doesn’t help, then you might have to resort to the next tip.

2. Create An At-Home CBD Dog Treat

Sometimes dogs can be a bit high-maintenance. But they’re so cute and cuddly that you don’t mind going the extra mile to get them to go potty, go to bed, lay down, and much more.
The same can be said for your new CBD adventure with them. If they won’t willingly take the CBD wrapped in food, then you’ll have to resort to more extensive measures such as making an at-home recipe.
Luckily, there are several simple dog treat recipes that you can make and incorporate the proper dosage of CBD oil into.
The only part that you might find tough is figuring out how much CBD oil to pour into the recipe. To figure that out, simply find the number of servings that the recipe will make, then multiply that by the serving amount on your dog’s CBD oil.
If this is going to be your first time making at-home treats for your dog, don’t be surprised if they initially turn their nose up at it. It might take a few different recipes to find a “winner” if your dog is a picky eater.

3. Pour CBD Oil in Their Food

Yet another age-old dog trick is simply using their normal dog food to your advantage. If you treat them to the occasional treat in their food bowl, then continue to do the same for their CBD products.
If you’re giving the CBD to them in oil form, then it might be as easy as pouring the oil over the food in their food bowl. For all you know, they might dive right in, causing you no extra work.
However, if that doesn’t work, then you might consider making a concoction of sorts to make them take the bait. For example, you can use excess bacon grease from your morning breakfast and mix it in their dog food with the CBD oil.
The smell of the bacon grease should overpower any smell from the CBD oil, making it unnoticeable to your pup. Be sure to stir in both the bacon grease and CBD oil on top of a table, where the dog doesn’t see anything but the final product.

4. Maintain Small Bites

No matter what method you use to get the pup to consume their CBD product, be sure to give it in small bites.
Whether it’s giving medicine or CBD, many dog owners feel pressured to give the treat in one huge bite so the dog won’t detect it. But doing so can lead to the dog choking.
Be sure to give it to them in small bites. Break up the treats and let them swallow each bite before giving them more.

5. Water to Wash It Down

Anyone who’s taken CBD oil before knows that it doesn’t often go down as easily as planned. Sometimes it takes a bit of water to make sure your body properly consumes it.
Make sure that you give your dog water either during or after you give them the CBD product. Especially if you place bacon grease in their bowl, which automatically dries up the throat and mouth.
After taking a quick swig of water, your puppy’s body should consume the CBD product in no time. Receiving the benefits they need while being unaware they even took CBD to begin with.

Give Your Puppy the CBD Treats They Need

Now that you know how to give your puppy CBD treats, it’s time for you to make your first attempt!
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